G10 Programmable Data Input

G10- Programmable Data Input
G10 P_X_Y_Z_R_Q
G10 P_U_V_W_C_Q
P: Offset Number
0: Command Work Coordinate Shift Value
1-64: Wear Offset Number
10000+(1-64): Geometry offset Number
X,Y,Z: Absolute Value
U,V,W: Incremental Value(Added to current value)
R: Absolute Tool nose value
C: Incremental Tool Nose Value(Added to current value)
Q: Imaginary Tool Nose Value(Tip position)

G10L50 Programmable Parameter Entry
N_R_ For Parqameters other than Axis type
N_P_R_ For Axis Type Parameters

N_ : Parameter Number(4 digits) or Comp Position No. 0-1023 for
pitch error comp +10000 (5 digits)
R_ : Parameter setting Value (leading zero’s can be ommited)
P_ : Axis Number 1-8( Used for Axis type Parmaeters)

Note Canned cycles must be cancelled before G10

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