G32 Threading

G32- Threading- G32 locks the feed-rate override at 100% and turns off
the single block mode. Then G32 looks to find an exact spot on the
spindle to start feeding. G32 is canceled by a G0 command. It’s
uses are for multiple angle threads (bone screws, worm gears) or
we commonly use G32 when we tap a part with the main spindle, or the
PO spindle.

If you are cutting a special OD thread always start G32 on a Z move.
If you start G32 on an X move, the spindle zero will pick up in a
different Z position each time. Position “X” first then “G32 Z”

G32 can also adjust the spindle zero for double start threads.
G32 Q180000 =180 deg from spindle zero. Q180.000 can’t be used.

tap example-

T2300 (tap example 1/4-20 .5 deep)
G0 Z-.05 T23 S500
G32 Z.4 F.04 (locks feed-100%,turns off single block, 80% F&Z)
Z-.05 F.05 M4(still locked feed and no single block, 100% F&Z)
G0 Z-.1 (feed and single block are usable again)

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