G88 Cross rigid tapping

G88- Cross rigid tapping. T7-T10
The OitF machines use a Servo/Spindle motor for Cross and T30’s live
Tools. In Servo mode a G184 cycle can also be used and is recommended
In place of the following for Rigid Tapping.

G88 Z(W)__C(H)__X(U)__R__P__F__K__M__
R= Distance from intial Point to R Point
P= Dwell time at bottom of Hole
F= Feedrate in IPM(G98) or IPR(G99)
K= Number of Repitions (When needed)

C Axis brake engages only when Auto brake function is turned on in the
Custom 2 screen on TCM and by Keep Relay on TS machines

Note: G0,G1,G2 or G3 Cancel G88
On TS/TCM with Oitf control
T808M50 T808M50
G0G99X.8Y0Z1.5 G0G99X.8Y0Z1.5
G88 X0 R-.05 P300 F.05 G184 X0 F.05 S500
H120. H120.
H120. H120.
G0X3.T0M25 G80
M100(Optional?) M100
M51 M51

Note: must be in G99 mode?

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