M221 Z1/Z2 Synchronized ON

M221-(M&S)Z1/Z2 Synchronized(Superimpose) ON
Superimposes Z2 on to Z1. Same Feedrate Only.
Built in Wait code. Program on line by itself in main and sub.
Do not program any move on Sub side
Must be programmed in Main and Sub side.
Note: If 407 alarm occurs, check parameter 8190 to make sure rapid
is the same on main and sub(20000). Parameter 8181 determines the
error limit between main and sub. Parameter 8182 displays the actual
error limit. Try increasing from 500 to 1000 more than the actual
error in 8182.I have seen this error up to about 2700, so I put 5000
in 8181 on the sub side.
If you want to do C axis work in M221, You must go into M221 before M50.

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